February 8, 2022

Hey guys! Brogan here and today I’m going to take you through my day as a Social Media Account Manager for Social Secret. *sips coffee*

are you ready?

6:45am - *Alarm goes*

7:00am - Pour coffee and head to the gym - For me, it is really important to get my body moving early in the morning. Whether it is a 45 minute up-hill walk on the treadmill or an early morning HIIT class, it gets the endorphins flowing and makes me feel really good and ready for the day ahead.

8:00am - Feeling good, now it’s time to refuel! My go-to breakfast at the moment is… banana bread and an oat milk latte!

9:00am - At 9am is when my work day really gets going. I login to my computer and take a look through my emails. Open, read, reply, repeat! Whilst doing this, I always put on my favourite podcast: ‘Today in Focus’ from The Guardian.

9:30am - After catching up with clients over emails, I take a look at my schedule for the day and note down any calls or meetings I have for the day. Then, it’s time to get onto some Community Management.

Community Management is so important for all of our clients, making sure we are there replying to all messages, comments and tweets that come in. This not only helps to increase the online engagement rate, it also helps improve brand reputation and relationships with customers. A win win if you ask me!

10:15am - With community management all wrapped up, I’m about to jump on a call with the rest of the team here at Social Secret. These team calls are SO important as it is an opportunity to all check in with each other, run over what we are up to, and to get the team’s advice on any upcoming projects. It’s also nice to catch up on what everyone is watching/listening to at the moment!

11:00am - It’s now time to jump onto my main task for today, finishing off my client’s  February social media calendar. From collecting images, to designing creative and writing the copy. I look after their whole calendar from start to end. Here’s a sneak peek of one of the posts…

1:30pm - Lunch time! *mmm!*

2:30pm - I’m back from lunch and ready to jump onto a call for the next hour with one of my clients. The aim of this call is to determine their KPIs for the next season and how we can achieve these with a paid ad strategy.

3:30pm - I have just finished up the call. It went super well! I’m now getting ready to meet with a local photographer we work with to grab some product and lifestyle shots for next month’s social calendars. I really love photoshoots, so I’m very excited for this part of the day!

5:30pm - Aaaand, there you have it. One whole day with me! It’s been a busy one but SO much fun. Everything has been ticked off my list and my day is organised for tomorrow.