February 21, 2022

Here at Social Secret, it is absolutely no secret that we all love a good podcast. Whether we’re working together in the office or working alone from home, we all love popping in the headphones and having a listen. 

Here are some of our current favourites for you to check out:

  1. Today in Focus

    Brogan: I love this podcast! There are new short episodes every morning from The Guardian which are all based around current news stories and topics. I have learnt so much from putting this on every morning whilst working through my emails.

  2. Good Vibes, Good Life with Vex King

    Olivia: This is one of my faves. If you don’t already know, Vex King is a Mind Coach, Writer and Lifestyle Entrepreneur. His show is filled with so much positivity and brings empowering perspectives, spiritual wisdom, practical solutions, inspirational stories, life lessons and much more. Give it a listen!

  3. Saturn Returns with Caggie

    Sam: I can’t get enough of this podcast. The Social Secret team have a mutual love of all things astrology and moon related so we love chatting about his podcast together. The podcast explores a different theme each week, it looks at how we evolve as individuals over our lives and the challenges and opportunities that come with this. Their Instagram account is pretty gorgeous as well.

  4. Sliding Doors with Elle Ferguson

    Rachel: I really enjoy listening to this podcast and learning about each guests ‘sliding doors moment’ - the moment they see as the pivotal point of their careers changing. This is often when they have decided to be brave in their career or how they have landed working with their dream client. The majority of the guests are in the fashion and beauty industry and I find every episode interesting and inspiring.
  5. Happy Place by Fearne Cotton

    Holly: This podcast always makes me feel good, I love the open and vulnerable conversations that Fearne has with her guests. A fantastic interviewer who is not afraid to share moments we wouldn’t necessarily expect from such a public person. This podcast shows that our difficulties make us stronger when we talk about them together. It’s been going for a long time now so there’s a lot of episodes to discover.